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Coffee Specialties in Ethiopia for Roasters

The coffee roaster has a wide choice when buying Ethiopian coffees. One can select from coffees with rich acidity and body, coffees with low acidity and good body or balanced, flavory coffees. This diversity of flavors makes Ethiopian coffee unique and it is most definitely one of the best coffees in the world. Some of the coffees of Ethiopia which are unique to the world and available through Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Ltd., USA are the following:

Harar Coffee (Sundried only)

It is produced in the Eastern highlands and is exported from the town of Dire Dawa. The bean is of medium to long pointed size and has a greenish to yellowish/golden color. Harar coffee has medium acidity, full body and the distinctive deep mocca flavor. It is one of the finest premium coffees in the world and is grown at an altitude of 2000/2750 meters. Recent laboratory cupping by Mr. Bahalwan for Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Ltd., USA show excellent results for the use of expresso coffee because it produces a foamy "tigretto" type cream.

Yirga-Cheffe Coffee (Washed only)

Washed Yirga-Cheffe is one of the finest highland grown coffees. It has fine acidity, body and excellent mocca flavor and aroma. These characteristics are the cause for the great demand and the high premiums paid for it. Yirga-Cheffe can also be used as a unique origin. This coffee is grown at high altitudes of 2000/2200 meters.

Sidamo Coffee (Sundried and Washed)

The Sidamo region is in the South of the country where both washed and unwashed coffees are produced. The beans are of medium size and have a greenish/greyish color. Washed Sidamo coffee is particularly appreciated for its round cup, balanced acidity, body and good quality mocca flavor, which is sweet in taste and a vital component of gourmet roasters' lists.

Wollega/Gimbi/Lekempti Coffee (Sundried and Washed)

It is produced in Western Ethiopia and is valued for its flavor and its large bean size. The beans are greenish to brownish in color and the cup generally clean, has good, slightly fruity acidity and the body of a good quality mocca. It is an important part of many roasters' blends, but it can also be sold as an excellent gourmet single varietal.

Limu Coffee (Washed)

Limu coffee is renowned for its good cup, sweet, spicy/winey flavor and balanced body and is therefore sought after by many roasters, especially in Europe and USA. Washed Limu coffee is one of the premium gourmet coffees worldwide. The bean is medium in size, has a distinctive rounded shape and greenish color.

Bebeka and Tepi Coffee (Washed)

These two coffees have less acidity, less body and soft flavor but can assist roasters to achieve specific results in their blends.

Djmmah Coffee (Sundried)

The coffee undoubtedly best known by the coffee industry for its high acidity and body, representing almost 50% of Ethiopian coffee exports. The production area is located in the Southwestern Ethiopia. It is an area with a multitude of different indigenous varieties from where excellent specialty types of coffee derive. Only restricted quantities of these specialties can be made available because most coffees of this type are exported simply as Djimmah Coffee.

Ethiopia, with its diverse range of coffees and conducive environment, has a very important role to play in the international coffee market. Ethiopia's position in the specialty and organic markets is most certainly growing significantly.

Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Ltd., USA is your most reliable partner and ready to provide you with additional information concerning these fine coffees from the Homeland of "Mocca Coffee" (coffea arabica) whenever necessary.


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