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Quality Assurance

Buying the best beans: Coffee exporters in Ethiopia are only permitted to buy coffee from the auction centers of either Addis Ababa or Dire Dawa. These auctions run 5 days weekly. Bahalwan and the best of his suppliers always go to the farm to make sure who has the superior crop. Also prior to the bidding exporters are able to inspect a 500-gram sample of each truck lot of coffee on offer and the Coffee and Tea Authority report as regards its cup characteristics. Bahalwan and his  best suppliers buy only superior coffees on auction!

Once coffee is purchased at auction it is brought to the processing factory. Coffee is weighed, paid for, and cup tested in Ethiopia, and Nabeel Bahalwan
re-cupping the coffee in the United States through the best lab firm and then we can accurately determine an ideal vender for our superior coffees.  We provide our customers with pre-shipment samples including the cupping reports.  Note that we store all our washed coffee in parchment in order to preserve its freshness.

The rigorous high quality standards maintained in the processing factory of our supplier:  It is a labor intensive operation. Pre-cleaning equipment (gravity feed, stone-eliminator, catador) to hand picking on belts. Bahalwan supervises constantly and monitors the standard of coffee coming off the belts. Sample coffee lots are drawn every hour and regularly liquored to ensure that the entire batch of coffee is of the same high quality standard expected by our customers. Once an entire batch of coffee has been cleaned we draw a representative sample and compare it to our customer's requirements to ensure that we meet our customer's satisfaction.

Ethiopian Arabica Coffee ready for export to you …Before coffee leaves Addis or Dire Dawa for Djibouti, the United States or Europe, it is checked by Coffee and Tea Authority inspectors who are tasked with ensuring that Ethiopian exporters actually export the type of coffee described on their export clearing certificate! Bahalwan and his representative oversee and ensure the coffee is not damaged en route to the shipping port of Djibouti.  We then load them onto a shipping line to the United States or Europe.


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