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Culture of Coffee Drinking in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, coffee is traditionally prepared and drunk two to three times a day. Ethiopians have various special cultural ceremonies related to coffee. These cultures represent a strong heritage for the country's sustainable coffee production, currently consumed in a variety of ways. Bunakela, which is coffee accompanied with roasted barley, wheat and chick-peas is still popular in most coffee growing areas of the country. Long distance travelers or hunters in Gedio and Borena still use it, while in Wollega bunakela is prepared on special cultural and family occasions. Bunakela is socially highly valuable and is a respected (holy) food to be served as the first dish to celebrate the birth of a new child, as well as an expression of success in arranging marriage or fortune telling events. In most areas, coffee is prepared from roasted and pounded green beans described as Bunna, Buno, Bun, etc. In Hararghe besides coffee, infusions of roasted and ground coffee-leaves called Kuti and husks mixed with milk known as Hoja, are drunk with salt instead of sugar.

In Kaficho and Shakicho zones, where coffee was first domesticated, coffee leaves collected from wild coffee plants are brewed and spiced with pepper and ginger to prepare Chamo. The drink is a favorite one and used as medicine for sick and weak people.

So all this goes to show that coffee is already a specialty in its Motherland‚ "Specialty Coffee" did not need to be invented. It has thrived here for a very long time.









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