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Bahalwan, Nabeel

President and CEO
Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Ltd., USA

4764 Williamson, Dearborn MI 48126
Tel:313-330-6665 Fax:313-584-8547

Hsu, Rey

Asian Sales Manager
Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Ltd.,

USA- (New York Branch)


Bahalwan, Nabeel

President and CEO




President and CEO

Bahalwan, Nabeel

Tel: 313-330-6665

Fax: 313-584-8547

Email: nabeelbahalwan@ethiopianspecialtycoffee.co

Treasure Director

Bahalwan, Haifa

Tel: 313-330-6665

Fax: 313-584-8547


Quality Control Manager in Ethiopia

Bahalwan, Arfan

Tel: 011-2515-11-3993

Email: bahalwan@ethiopianspecialtycoffee.com

Branch Manager in Ethiopia

Bahalwan, Anies

Tel: 011-2515-3993

Email: anies@ethiopianspecialtycoffee.com

Asian Sales Manager

Hsu, Rey

Tel: 518-783-0629

Email rhsu@ethiopianspecialtycoffee.com

General Information

Email: mailbox@ethiopianspecialtycoffee.com

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