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About Bahalwan

The Father, Mr. Bahalwan, is the Quality Control in Ethiopia.  He is cupping and inspecting the coffee all the way from the farm to the auction to provide the superior organic grown coffee of Ethiopia exclusively to  Ethiopian Specialty Coffee Ltd., USA.  The son of Mr. Bahalwan, Nabeel Bahalwan, is re-cupping the coffee in the United States through the best cupping lab firm before import/export to the United States and Europe.

Mr. Bahalwan established a company in 1949 as a family concern to import and export in all types of seed.  Today the son, Mr. Nabeel Bahalwan, has gained the experience from the father and his company is one of the most reputable in the import and export of superior Ethiopian coffee.

Our Vision

We endeavor to provide our customers with the best quality Ethiopian coffee. In addition to the quality, we are also competitive.  We aspire our best services, we provide quality by adhering to shipping dates, spot and F.O.B. warehouse of superior coffee.

The coffee is grown in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia where Mocca coffee originated. It grows at altitudes as high as 2,200 metres and the local farmers use only traditional methods of cultivation. It is carefully cleaned and prepared in Dire Dawe and Addis Ababa facility using modern techniques and equipment. The coffee is of uniform appearance and the cup quality is characterized by the consistency of its special Mocca flavor; the unique wild and fruity tastes which can only be found in coffee from this area.




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